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Hathaway Homes LLC  is jointly owned and operated by Bob and Greg Hathaway.  We started new home construction and remodeling in 2003 and have been growing ever since. 

We have both been in construction for most of our working lives with a combined total of over 50 years experience in new home construction and remodeling.  

Bob began remodeling while in school at Oregon State University and eventually earning a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural engineering.

Greg started as framing laborer and work in that trade for 5 years eventually becoming lead carpenter.

He has 10 years experience as construction supervisor for different large home builders in California and Idaho and eventually becoming purchasing agent for Hubble Homes for another 5 years.

It has been our goal and our mission to be recognized as builders with integrity with an eye to quality at an affordable price.  We have worked hard to achieve that goal and have a reputation for just that.

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